What Are the Advantages of Taking Image Backup?

Disk imaging is a backup program wherein the duplicate copy of disks and drives are made. It offers a wide range of benefits. With this system, you can copy a specific computer system to a large set of identical computers.  You don’t need to separately set up every single computer or the entire operating system from scratch. A single image can easily be put on several machines. There are several different solutions available that can replicate the same disk image on thousands of machines simultaneously.

Incremental backups

With a disk imaging system, you can easily create different images as per your wish. It provides you flexibility to go back to any of your chosen configuration. All the images that you wish to save get saved as files.

R-Drive Image is a powerful utility that provides creation of disk image files for duplication or backup purposes. To perform this activity, it does not need to stop your Windows OS. This implies that your work won’t be interrupted with this software.

Saves time

More and more companies are adopting disk imaging tool in data recovery and backup. Disk imaging tool assist in simplifying and saving time in performing the daily data recovery and backup process.

Cost effective

Disk space is comparatively cheaper than buying actual hardware. If you wish to take the backup of the computer data, then you won’t need any actual hardware for it. You just have to create a drive image and store it. This will help you get immediate access to it whenever you need it again.

Offer heightened security to an enterprise

Disk imaging tool has been increasingly used by various enterprises at the workstation as well as server levels. This technique plays a crucial role in entire data storage and backup management, security incident response and disaster recovery. In most of the businesses, it is the only software used in such scenarios.

Simplified data restoration

First, the process of data restoration is very much simplified. This in turn assists with disaster recovery or in making business continuity planning. If you keep performing disk imaging at a regular basis, then hack attacks and malware outbreaks can easily be prevented. Disk imaging is quick, and simple process that assist in lowering the load on data storage staff.

Continuous data protection features

When you choose to create backup of your system in the form of an image, then there are chances that it can lead to increased needs of storage space, security gaps and violation of compliance. This can increase the recovery time too. Restoring complete images can take up several hours to finish.

Depending on the image size, drive and network speed, data loss can happen due to timing break between images. Good side of image backup software is that continuous data protection features are offered in the recent disk imaging software versions.


With the disk image backup tool, you can compress and encrypt your disk images so that you can safeguard them from prying eyes. Also, this process increases the overall speed of your backup and restoration procedure. This makes investment in disk image drive software the best choice for you.

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January 4, 2019 What Are the Advantages of Taking Image Backup?