5 Factors That can Ruin Your Life Insurance

One may think of buying a life insurance policy out of different reasons, it may be new marriage, new baby or even a large debt. Our main concern is that our loved ones should not have any trouble in paying the debt back in case something happens to us. There may be other reasons like you would have seen the impact of a death on your family. We are going to discuss some most common mistakes that people make while choosing life insurance for their family.

Waiting to get an Insurance

It is important to consider buying a policy as soon as you feel it is required because in most of the cases, the rate of life insurance increases with the increasing age of the person. There may be a scenario where your illness can lead to ineligibility of the person for the health insurance. Moreover waiting will lead to higher cost of the insurance.

Going for the Cheapest Policy

It is important for you to keep the price of the policy in your mind but it is not the only prospect to be considered while buying the policy. The best approach is to learn about the life insurance policies and their benefits in advance. Most of the people think that price is the only thing to be considered in life insurance policies. Generally most of the long term policies are convertible into permanent type despite of the health insurance but you need to consider certain restrictions which apply to this kind of policies.

Missing Payments

In case you are planning to buy a life insurance policy with secondary guarantee options, keep in mind that a low payment can have an impact on your policy. You might have heard of a Universal Life policy which is a special type of permanent policy available on lowest possible premiums. But some of these policies are sensitive towards your payment schedule and a late payment may lead to adverse affect on your policy. There are even cases that because of a late payment, a policy that was meant to cover you for 100 years will cover you for 92 years only.

Not considering insurance as an investment

A variable life insurance policy is considered as an investment and it is very important that you also take it as a sort of investment. In most of the cases, a variable policy gives you a cash value with the life insurance. The overall premium is divided into two parts, one goes to insurance cash value and the other is invested into mutual funds.  So the best option is to find a variable policy that can help you in increasing your cash to the maximum.

Borrowing Money from Policy

Generally the cash value of a permanent insurance policy can be considered for the purpose of loans and one can even apply for a loan against the policy. No doubt that it is a great policy but one needs to manage it with utmost care. If you take an excessive loan against the policy, it may lapse and all the tax benefits you had will turn into taxable income.

Therefore, it is important to consult Your Personal Financial Mentor as he will guide you how to manage your finances and will help you take sound financial decisions that will be beneficial for you in a long run.

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October 16, 2013 5 Factors That can Ruin Your Life Insurance