5 Bridesmaids Colors That Will Make Your Pictures Pop!

Once you’ve chosen the date and the venue for your big day, the next question people are going to be asking about is your colors.

Your colors will set the theme for your wedding and allow your guests to better understand what type of event they’re attending. For example, if your colors are neon green and pink, your wedding will most likely feel very different from another wedding whose colors are maroon and gold. But choosing your colors is hard! Usually, you will have two main colors that will set the theme, and then other complementary colors to build off of it. To make it easier to narrow it down, keep in mind that your bridesmaid will most likely be wearing one or several of these colors.

For this reason, it’s important that you choose shades that will not only flatter your friends’ skin tone, but your own as well. Suddenly, hot pink is a bit trickier to pull off.

Instagram, Pinterest, and wedding blogs are a great way to get initial ideas for the feel of your wedding. Do you like rustic wedding in a wide barn with fairy lights overhead? Or do you prefer elegant weddings in glamorous ballrooms with chandeliers overhead?

Choose either one of these styles and you will see thousands of color suggestions start popping up.

Another method is to simply ask your future bridesmaids what shades they like to wear. Don’t feel hemmed in by needing to only have one particular shade for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Instead, offer them one color and permit them to choose a shade within that family that flatters them the most.

If you’ve spent any time on wedding blogs, you’ve probably seen your share of the classic bridesmaids’ colors. However, if you’ve seen to many royal blue and burgundy dresses, and would like to choose something new, try one of these five stunning colors.

  1. Coral

This fun, peppy color is a great option for summer weddings. Flattering to many skin tones, coral mixes pink and orange to create the perfect pop of pink for your wedding photos. Another plus with coral is that there are so many styles on the market that you won’t have any issue finding different styles in the same shade to suit all your bridesmaids’ tastes.

  1. Dusk

Don’t let the name of this color throw you off! Dusk colored dresses are far from staid and dark. Dusk is actually an ethereal pale, lavender-gray that looks picture perfect in spring weddings. This soft mauve is romantic and rustic and sets off white brilliantly. You can find amazing dusk colored bridesmaid dresses on JJsHouse.

  1. Mist

Imagine the fine spray generated from the ocean’s wave crashing on the rocks and catching the sunlight and you have mist colored dresses! An exceptionally pale blue, this color sets off tans beautifully and would look gorgeous on bridesmaids at destination or beach weddings.

  1. Mulberry

A deep, romantic purple-red, mulberry is exactly as warm and sensual as its name sounds. A deeper color, mulberry is a gorgeous color option to add to fall or winter weddings that will be using deep purples or burgundy. Offset mulberry with cream and gold accents to really make it pop.

  1. Peacock

A color for all seasons! Peacock is a saturated and stunning color that sets off every skin tone we’ve seen it on. Named for that fabulous and unashamed bird, peacock-colored dresses are a rich teal with an undertone of forest green.


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April 26, 2018 5 Bridesmaids Colors That Will Make Your Pictures Pop!