Know About the Real Estate Investor, Dean Graziosi

For many people, real estate investor Dean Graziosi is best known for his infomercials about how to achieve wealth buying and selling homes. Few people have had more television exposure. In fact, Graziosi’s visage has appeared on television every day for the last 15 years. Less known about the real estate mogul are his contributions to charitable organizations. In addition to donating thousands of dollars to communities hit by natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes, Graziosi is a leading contributor to Virgin Unite, the non-profit organization run by English business magnate Richard Branson.

The Centurion Mastermind Group

Several years ago, Dean Graziosi partnered with marketing expert Joe Polish to form the Centurion Mastermind Group, an organization that has donated more than one million dollars over the last few years to Virgin Unite. A significant portion of the donated funds came from contributions made during annual brainstorming programs held each year at Necker Island, a Branson-owned isle located in the British Virgin Islands. More than a networking association, the group aims to connect business leaders with non-profit organizations that support philanthropic causes around the world.

About Virgin Unite

Formed in 2004, Branson’s Virgin Unite organization strives to support entrepreneurs by providing them with the opportunities, skills and resources that they need to succeed. The group also plays a significant role in influencing policies to champion human rights and to support peaceful resolutions for countries in conflict. The primary goal of Virgin Unite is to affect change through economic development in order to address difficult environmental and social issues. Adiministration of Virgin Unite is entirely supported by Branson and his primary company, Virgin Group, so that 100 percent of any donations made to the charitable organization can go towards the group’s programs.

Operation Free Home

Graziosi’s philanthropic activities aren’t limited to contributions to Virgin Unite and to donations for natural disaster relief. In 2007, he sponsored “Operation Free Home,” a contest that allowed one needy family to live in one of his properties free for an entire year. Graziosi partnered with local sponsors to ensure that the winning family was able to make the move in time to spend the winter holidays in their new home. He hopes to spread the program nationwide to help more deserving families.

During the holiday season, Graziosi uses his celebrity to ask his readers and fans to nominate families in need to receive $200 gift cards. Whether it’s making a contribution to a church to help speed recovery after a Superstorm Sandy or donating funds to the community of Joplin after a devastating tornado, Dean Graziosi is using the wealth that he’s earned as a best-selling author and real estate investor for a variety of philanthropic causes.

Presently, Graziosi uses his social community websites and pod cast channel to offer “Weekly Wisdom” videos, free content that provides information about business training and education, real estate investing and entrepreneurship. Graziosi has recently assumed a less-involved position at his multi-million dollar company, Dean Enterprises, in order to focus on his philanthropic endeavors and spend more time with his family.

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January 25, 2014 Know About the Real Estate Investor, Dean Graziosi