Introducing the EzTrader Trading Binary Options Platform


One of the top ways of making money with online trading is via binary options trading. Though a highly rewarding investment, it can also be tricky, especially if you are just starting out. The choice of a great binary trading platform is, therefore, critical to your success. In connection to this, here is why you will always be a winner if you opt to partner with EZTrader platform, one of the best binary options trading monsters.

A Wide Range of Asset Index
The EzTrader platform offers a wide range of assets that you can choose to trade on—currently there are more than 120 global assets on offer. These include:

  • Stocks: Apple, AXA, BP, Tesco PLC, Royal Bank of Scotland, BMW, Google, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Microsoft, Barclays, Amazon, French Telecom, Inditex Madrid, TATA steel Ltd, and Reliance Industries among other big corporate stocks.
  • Commodities: solver, Gold, copper, oil, and natural gas
  • Indices: FTSE 100, NIKKEI, NASDAQ, DOW, DAX, CAC40, IBEX-35 and Hang Seng.

The platform is logically laid that even novice traders can easily navigate and understate the various trading procedures. There is also a plethora of education resources covering all aspects of binary option trading—from eBooks, tutorials, and articles to useful webinars. Again, there is free, online training that you can take advantage of if you are a new trader.

What’s more, there are perks like EzTrader FC, a site that’s particularly dedicated to football fans and the EzTrader blog that provide insightful news on global binary options trading trends. Mobile trading with common mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Windows mobile is also possible in all the EZ family websites: eztraderfc and the-eztrader.

Unmatched Bonuses
The EzTrader platform also boasts of a variety of bonus, including:

  • Referral bonuses: Tailored for traders who are able to introduce their friends and other traders to the platform
  • Account Funding bonuses: every new trader is entitled to an account opening bonus that’s equivalent to 40 percent of the sum deposited. However, to enjoy the bonus, you are required to deposit at least $500. As a reminder, the minimum investment allowed by the platform is $24, though the exact amount differs from one country to another. The maximum amount is between $5000 and $15000 per contract.
  • Special trading bonuses: there are also other targeted bonuses which are awarded to existing traders from time to time.

Bottom Line
When it comes to binary option trading, EzTrader is a reputed platform that will surely offer you a gratifying experience. Its unique interface, high-end trading technology, varied global asset index, focus on safety and security, and bonuses are just but a few of the many perks that you stand to enjoy when you opt for this versatile binary options trading platform. Simply put, EzTrader is unquestionably up there with the most-known binary trading giants.





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September 9, 2016 Introducing the EzTrader Trading Binary Options Platform