7 Travel Hacks for Entrepreneurs that Travel (A Lot)

Whether you’re excited to start your new worldly business adventure or you’re getting tired and want travel to be as easy as possible, all travelers have 1 need in common: You want the experience to be stress-free.  That being said, here are 7 travel hacks that will make your frequent-flying lifestyle as easy as possible. Also consider the best  carry-on luggage for your personal belongings.

1.Buy Your Ticket Before the Last Minute

At times, this is simply unavoidable- especially when a last minute deal calls and ask you to be in Ireland on Friday in an email Monday.  However, most travel is planned.  Even big board meetings are typically planned at least a month and half.  Do yourself a favor and find your ticket the day you’ve confirmed your meeting.

Whether you need a cheap flight from Cali to Calgary or quick flights from London to Dublin, don’t forget the tools that have been around since the dawn of online deals: Expedia and Travelocity.com.  There’s a reason these companies have been around for a long time: They offer amazing deals.  Couple these deals with frequent-flyer miles and you’re able to save a sizable amount of money on airfare.

2.Book a Morning Flight

Looking for low stress at the airport?  Trying to avoid delays at all costs? Book a morning flight.  Though you can’t predict the weather and there may still be some delay, morning flights are much less likely to be delayed.  Better yet, there are less people in the airport.

3.Never Check Your Bags

Forget looking for your suitcase by opting for carry-on only.  Not only does this give you one less object to forget, you don’t have to risk the delay of wondering where your bag has been lost. This is especially true if you’re switching airlines or taking connecting flights.  SITA Baggage Report states that nearly 45% of bags lost are loss when you’re moving from one plane to another.

If leaving the suitcase behind simply isn’t an option, do yourself a favor and attach something bright to your suitcase.  When the ring of 50+ black suitcases comes down the ramp, you’ll be happy you attached that obnoxious orange ribbon to the handle.

4.Always Take a Direct Flight

Speaking of baggage loss on connecting flights, try to avoid taking connecting flights.  You may save a few bucks, but you’re also running a risk that many on-the-go professionals don’t have the time for.  More importantly, it puts less stress on your body and mind.  It’s easy to agree that nearly every stressor about business travel can be found in the airport.  Don’t schedule yourself into 3 layovers just to save a little money.  Your body and mind will thank you.

5.Roll Your Clothes Up

If you’re taking our advice and only bringing a carry-on, you’re going to need a packing hack that saves space.  Lucky for you, we’ve got it:  Rolling your clothes.  Not only is it a lot easier than folding, it will save a ton of space in your carry-on and allow you to pack more into a carry-on.

6.Download the App and Skip the Line

Nearly every airline has a mobile app that lets you check-in and get going.  When you’re on the go constantly, these apps should be your best friend.  Every minute you can save is another minute you get to relax.   If you happen to choose the airline without an app, make sure you’re there before the rush.  Don’t make the classic mistake of leaving for the airport 15 minutes before your flight leaves.

7.Consider Your Business Trip a Content Creating Machine

Whether you’re a digital marketer or an encyclopedia salesman, business travel is a great opportunity to create original content for your brand and business.  Customers and clients will appreciate the personal view of your business and more often than not, tons of people will be attracting to take a look at your social media channels (or if you’re already in the content game- Youtube content).

This is especially true if you’re heading to a conference or taking a team-building trip.  You may even want to take this time to create explainers, missions statements, and other core video content for your business.  Not a videographer?  Not a problem.  Keep your hand steady and record what you can.  Use a service like Square Ship later to fine tune the details.

With these travel hacks and a realistic idea of your travel budget, you’re set to conquer your travels and enjoy them, too.  After all, travel helps entrepreneurs to expand their worldview and in turn, the view of their company.

Have any travel hacks of your own?  Share your secrets in the comments.

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October 30, 2017 7 Travel Hacks for Entrepreneurs that Travel (A Lot)