No, Venice Is Not Just A Destination For Couples

What to do in Venice with friends? Certainly not betting on Bet22. We have selected 5 not-too-love activities for you.

No, Venice is not just a destination for couples

Do you know that urban legend that says Venice is THE destination to do with your crush? Well, it is an idea created by the popular imagination, a pure poetic invention. Basically, it’s just as good (if not better) with your BFF. So, after having surprised my mother, my friends and my colleagues, I share with you the crisp story of this experience with my best friend.

Whether via Google searches or on a simple observation on the spot, Venice is made for couples and parents, the proof in pictures. But what happens when you don’t have any of that? When you just have to lug your own body around?

No Guy Carrying Your Bag Or Gondola Ride

If you’re a lazy person who can’t carry your own bag, well this isn’t the place to go. It will each be their little business to travel the city in all lightness without artifice.

So in the list of romantic things you won’t have, well, that’s the first point, followed very closely by the gondola ride. In my imagination, it absolutely had to be done, but reality showed me a completely different scheme: 100 euros to stay stuck for 30 minutes on a heart-shaped seat with red hairs that scrolls very slowly in front of all the coolest terraces.

An activity to replace the 100% romantic gondola ride? Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” concerto in San Vidal church!

Zero Negotiation And Big Sleep At Il Palazzo

11 km on foot in the city, visits to churches, tour of the best thrift stores or even Conad City (the convenience stores there): what’s good when you’re with your best friend is that you don’t you have nothing to prove to yourself, nothing to reconcile: in short, you foolishly follow each other (but with joy) without negotiating or apologizing if one wants to stop for the 78th time at a seller of “Venezia” T-shirts to compare, hesitate and finally buy nothing.

For our first evening on the city, we still wanted to play it golden night. We were lucky enough to be able to stay at Il Palazzo Experimental, known for its ultra-modern design and comfort. After a long and delicious dinner on the terrace made up of multiple duos in search of sincerity and sensuality, we went for a well-deserved sleep in our king size bed.

Biennial And Pasta At All Costs

What is also practical when you go to Venice with your friend is that you don’t have to surprise yourself or reconquer yourself. We can therefore visit the Venice Architecture Biennale without getting anything but without ever worrying about it. For once, it’s a great activity to do, the Giardini brings together 29 pavilions with different architecture, each representing a country and an artistic and immersive project.

In terms of food, we loved taking the time to find small addresses to avoid the big places or addresses with less than four stars on Google. Special mention for the Trattoria Altanella, located on Giudecca Island opposite the main island. Small terrace on the water without tourists or long waits: just good wine, gnocchi and super friendly service! A tip: book (the same day, it works).

In short, Venice, a destination like any other after all, no need to wait for the good one to get a kick out of it.

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June 21, 2023 No, Venice Is Not Just A Destination For Couples